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05 Jul 2021

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In an argumentative research paper, a writer attempts to establish a stand on an issue by persuading readers to accept their perspective. An excellent argumentative research paper always involves a series of carefully analyzed pieces of evidence presented through inductive reasoning and not a list of disparate elements thrown anywhere in the paper.

To convince readers about a particular concept, a writer must connect reasonable components to generate an ideal perspective. Due to the complexities attached to an argumentative research paper, students often find it quite challenging to draft a strong essay, for this reason, many students sometimes resort to seeking the help of professional argumentative paper writers. 

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Argumentative Research Essay

An argumentative research essay is a type of writing that demands students to study a topic, gather, generate, analyze evidence, and articulate a clear stance on the issue. Some students may be confused by the difference between an argumentative research essay and an explanatory essay. These two styles are similar, but the amount of pre-writing (invention) and research involved in the argumentative essay differs from the explanatory essay. 

The argumentative research essay is frequently assigned as a capstone or final assignment in first-year writing or advanced composition classes, and it entails extensive, comprehensive research. Expository essays are shorter in length and needless research. Furthermore, expository essays are frequently utilized for in-class writing assignments or examinations. 

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Argumentative Research Paper Outline

An argumentative research paper has to be structurally presented to make it easy for readers to follow. It must have an introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. There is an outline globally recommended for students. For instance, the introduction paragraph provides background information about the argument, including the evidence that the paper will talk about and the thesis.

The thesis statement is always a one-sentence statement of the main point. Then there are the body paragraphs and the conclusion. An effective argumentative research paper has three body paragraphs covering different ideas and a topic sentence backed with evidence. 

Each paragraph has to incorporate examples, statistics, research, and citations to back up the topic sentence. The conclusion is a one-paragraph summarizing the arguments made in the body paragraphs. In the conclusion paragraph, new information is not to be introduced, but rather the writer tries to appeal to readers how the issue is significant.

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How to Write an Argumentative Research Paper

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