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Macroeconomics Paper Topics

  • Analysis of nominal exchange rate and real exchange rate.
  • Benefits of government tax reliefs on small and medium scale businesses during the pandemic.
  • Effect of coronavirus outbreak on stock prices.
  • Effect of Covid-19 pandemic on the economies of third world countries.
  • Effect of immigration on the economy of the United States of America.
  • Effect of low global interest rates on stock prices.
  • Effect of mobile banking on the profitability of banks especially after the coronavirus disease outbreak.
  • Effect of oil price fluctuations on the global economy.
  • Effects of regulating interest rates from lenders.
  • Factors leading to high poverty rates in low-income countries.
  • How Covid-19 pandemic has led to the growth of online shopping companies
  • How demographic fluctuations affect the economic performance of a country.
  • How Oil Prices affect the Gross Domestic Product of different countries worldwide.
  • How political activities influence the economic performance of a country.
  • How the removal of interests on loans affected banks' profitability.
  • How the US government can minimize the risk of future default.
  • How the US government lowered the rates of unemployment in the country.
  • How World Ban ensured that economies did not collapse during the pandemic period.
  • Impact of halting and continual restriction of international air travel on the tourism economy.
  • Impact of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on the economy of the United States of America.
  • Impacts of inflation on the economy of the United States of America.
  • Impacts of the trickle-down economy on developing and underdeveloped economies.
  • Implications of macroeconomics on the development of the health sector.
  • Importance of macroeconomics in business cycles.
  • Importance of the World Bank during the Covid-19 period.
  • Key macroeconomic variables in France’s economy.
  • Policies that governments can use to ensure economic stabilization after the pandemic.
  • Role of banks in the economy.
  • Significance of government support to households through the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Significance of macroeconomics in the formulation of policies.
  • The causes of economic equalities exist between developed economies and developing economies.
  • The importance of a balanced demand for the world economy.
  • Using macroeconomics in solving monetary problems.
  • Ways the United States government can use to their Gross Domestic Product growth.

Free Macroeconomics Research Paper Topics

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  • Advantages in investing in innovative technology.
  • Analysis of progress of economic ethics.
  • Analysis of South Korea and United States’ economic indicators.
  • Causes and Effects of unemployment in underdeveloped countries.
  • Causes of price discrimination.
  • Correlation between inflation rates and the rate of unemployment.
  • Development of macroeconomic methodology in the global economy.
  • Effect of stock prices on the macroeconomy.
  • Effects of applying macroeconomic concepts in real-life situations.
  • Effects of increasing interest rates in Africa.
  • Effects of inflation and deflation on economies of developing and underdeveloped countries.
  • Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) trends in developing economies.
  • How biological progresses impact macroeconomic growth.
  • How do high rates of unemployment in underdeveloped countries pose a major national economic challenge?
  • How international travel restrictions affect local markets.
  • How market growth relates to consumerism.
  • How monetary policies impact economic stabilization.
  • Impact of consumer confidence on stock prices and the economy.
  • Impact of inflation on the global economy.
  • Impact of the global financial crisis in 2008 to 2009.
  • Impact of trade restrictions on developing and underdeveloped countries.
  • Impacts of different currency regimes form on economic determinants.
  • Improving local purchase of local products.
  • Increasing stakeholders’ equity.
  • Indicators of rapid gross domestic product growth.
  • Influence of technology on economic growth.
  • Main models of state regulation of foreign economies.
  • Major problems of the 2019 state budget of the United States of America.
  • Operating in the global market.
  • Roles of economic stakeholders in the growth of macroeconomy.
  • Roles of macroeconomic policies in microeconomics.
  • Significance of gross domestic product (GDP) to foreign investors.
  • Strategies for improving the country’s per capita gross domestic product.
  • Strategies of maximizing profits in a business firm.
  • The macroeconomics of the United States of America after the economic crisis in 2008.
  • Ways to reduce inflation in the United State of America.

Good Topics for Macroeconomics Research Paper

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  • Analysis of states regulation in European economies.
  • Comparing the quality of living in developed, underdeveloped, and developing countries.
  • Contribution of macroeconomic policies to the success of a country’s economy.
  • Correlation of income inequality with the basic minimum wage.
  • Effect of 2011 debt crisis in Europe.
  • Effect of Great Recession on the rates of unemployment.
  • Effect of high rates of unemployment on the country’s economy.
  • Effect of intense political activities on the economy.
  • Effects of climate change on international trade.
  • Effects of decline in oil prices in the world economy.
  • Factors leading to economic success in the 21st century.
  • How banks contribute to the development of economies in developed countries.
  • How changing monetary policies affect the living standards of workers.
  • How country’s national deficit affects their economy.
  • Impact of globalization on the world economy.
  • Impact of oil prices on consumer behavior.
  • Implications of unemployment on the growth of the economy.
  • Increasing interest rates in South Africa.
  • Macroeconomy of ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
  • Managing economic crisis.
  • Poverty crisis in the international economy.
  • Reasons for slow wages growth compared to productivity growth.
  • Role of International Monetary Fund in Europe.
  • Sustainable macroeconomy.
  • The financial success of developed countries.
  • The macroeconomics of the US after the 2008 economic crisis.
  • Theory of effective demand.
  • Unemployment and underemployment,
  • Ways of reducing the impact of inflation on the economy.
  • Why underdeveloped economies will continue being poor.

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