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Writing an abortion research paper is a time-consuming and arduous task that involves extensive reading, writing, editing. Academic writing can be very challenging, especially when it involves controversial topics like abortion. Other than the limitations in writing skills, students may fail to synthesize ethical dilemmas and laws regarding pregnancy termination.

For example, some students may be unable or unwilling to take on such a controversial topic for fear of backlash from the community and/or their peers. Pro-life students may argue against pregnancy abortion or the death of an unborn child. Pro-choice can favor a woman's right, human right to live, religious issue of abortion, and fetus.

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What is Abortion?

The World Health Organization defines abortion as the premature induced termination of pregnancy to prevent the birth of a child. The creation of a new human being through birth could sound like a positive process, but in some cases, the pregnancies become unfavorable to the carrier female. Notably, abortion remains controversial in moral scope, control abortion, health risks, medical complications, and other personal issues therein.

Writing abortion paper in learning institutions is important and relevant to many courses. Learning institutions often use abortion topics in assignments, essays, research papers, and dissertations, among others. The topic of abortion is relevant in courses of law, psychology, ethics, human body, religion, women / unborn child rights, role of parents, medical responsibility, and others.

Some of the common questions from students seeking help with abortion papers include;

  • What is a good research question on abortion?

A good research question about abortion should focus on a specific subject matter within modern society. For college students, a good abortion debate can focus on issues of legalized abortion, unsafe abortions, medical abortion, surgical abortion, spontaneous abortion, and permit abortion.

A thesis statement that takes a stand on any of the above issues could make an excellent research question on abortion. Other areas for good abortion essays could be an ethical dilemma, reproductive health, maternal deaths, unwanted pregnancies, murder, fetus life, and medical arguments.

  • Are there abortion paper writers for hire?

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  • Can someone write my abortion paper for me?

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Abortion Research Paper Outline

The standard research paper outline includes the introduction, main body, and conclusion. The research paper outline is similar to that of essay, but differs in having scholarly references and critical analysis of the relevant content. For students hoping to write quality abortion research papers, this outline could help.

  • Introduction and thesis statement

Provide brief background information that support your topic; discuss some issues about abortions, pregnancy and giving birth, women life, fetus murder, normal childbirth, or any other issue relevant to your topic. Conclude the intro with a thesis statement that declares your position or central argument.

  • Main body

Here now introduce the primary argument, major point, or finding you wish to discuss. A pro life person would discuss why abortion is bad, how human pregnancy should be morally respected, and the supreme court should improve fetus rights. Arguments for abortion would support the termination of unwanted pregnancy, women life, legal grounds for safe abortions, and any other they decide to use to support the act.

The main body should have substantive evidence and research findings drawn from peer-reviewed and scholarly sources. Well written sentences with good grammar, proper sentence structuring, and compliance with all academic writing standards. We have the best research paper writers ready to save you on this; we will write your abortion paper from scratch to final paper fast.

  • Conclusion

Rewrite your thesis statement then summarize the main arguments that support it. The conclusion for abortion research papers should also cite few recommendations derived from the discussion.

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Sample of Good Abortion Topics: Order a Custom Topic for Free!

We have compiled a list of good abortion research paper topics that scores A and delivers a substantive argument. This is just a sample of the abortion research paper topics; we are ready to create a custom abortion research paper topic for high school, college, university, and Master's. So, if let us know if you need a custom topic for abortion paper.

  • Abortion is a crime of murdering an unborn child
  • Every human being has rights over their own body
  • Pro-life arguments; abortion violates child rights to life
  • Ethical dilemmas in abortion
  • Legally acceptable abortion
  • Effects of unwanted pregnancy vs. abortion
  • Medically induced abortion to save mother
  • Psychological implications of abortion
  • Abortion as a useful birth control strategy
  • Rise of abortions in most developing countries
  • Deliberate termination of fetus vs. child rights to life
  • Role of media in abortion prevalence.
  • Ethical scope of abortion in modern society
  • Implications of legalized abortion
  • Abortion induced when parent's health is at risk
  • Health risks of abortion
  • Social values about abortion


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