Business Law Research Paper Topics

05 Jul 2021

Top 100 Business Law Research Paper Topics in 2021

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What is a good research title?

A good research title should be short and direct for the reader to instantly understand what you are writing about, the goals, and expected outcomes. Also, good business law paper topics should be researchable- meaning it must have something useful to investigate and expected benefits known. Most importantly, a good research paper should be original – something not researched before.

How do I choose a business research topic?

You can never choose a good research topic from some list and score the best since the secret of a research paper is for the student to come up with a great topic. But when a list of topics is given, choose the best based on relevance, uniqueness, and whether it is researchable. 

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Business Research Paper Ideas

When you are wondering about “what are some good business research topics?” think of controversial areas within the business and legal issues relevant to them. So, some areas for creating good business research paper ideas include;

  • Accidents in the work place
  • Affirmative action programs within the workplace
  • Age Discrimination Act in the Workplace
  • Bankruptcy and fraud
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Corruption in business law
  • Discrimination at the workplace
  • Duress and undue influence in a contract.
  • Employment Discrimination
  • HIPAA and Creditable Coverage
  • HIPAA and the Employer
  • HIPAA Provisions
  • Litigation procedures: how do they affect the business?
  • Paternity leave within the workplace
  • Product Liability
  • Sarbanes Oxley Whistleblowers
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Schlosser vs. Fairbanks Capital Corporations
  • Sexual harassment lawsuits within the firm
  • Tort reform: positive and negative suggestions.
  • Violation of antitrust laws
  • Workplace hazards

Current Business Law Topics

  • Business liability under risks caused by coronavirus pandemic
  • Conflict management at work
  • Consequences of working from home
  • Consumer protection in online commerce
  • Legal challenges facing business startups.
  • Rise of an online scammer using corporate credentials
  • Rise of social media marketing and its risks
  • The legal scope of inter-organizational leadership and networks
  • Trends of online marketing and impacts on small businesses
  • Women representation in business management.

What Are Some Good Topics For A Research Paper?

We can are ready to create good business law topics for research papers whenever you need. Kindly order from us now and get the best. For now, check out the sample list below;

  • Are Cryptocurrencies reliable in business?
  • Are multinational corporations doing more harm than good?
  • Impact of MBA on being a good business leader.
  • Is the world ready for a cashless economy?
  • Should Business and Politics Mix?
  • Should companies spend on advertisements?
  • Stock market trends and risks

What are some examples of business law research topics?

  • Are alcohol consumption laws useful for consumers?
  • Authority and scope of the law in business negotiations
  • Copyright law for an artist working for a company
  • Death penalty for corporate crimes
  • Marijuana businesses and the federal and state law
  • Non-disclosure agreements in companies
  • Preventing former employees from joining rival firms
  • Risks of insider trading in the contemporary world
  • State officials overcoming corruption cases


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