International Business Topics 2021

International Business Topics

International business involves businesses carried out beyond the border limits of a country. It entails the movement of goods and services and the use of capital, personnel, and technology. In the education journey, students seeking to write research paper on international business may struggle to find best topics. Good topics for international business should be crafted from the subject area of study, current trends, and personal interests.

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The current trends of international business include;

  • What are the Potential Impacts of Brexit on the Global Economy?
  • Does digital marketing play a significant role in the growth of the international business?
  • What are the potential threats posed by the coronavirus to the world economy?
  • What are the impacts of 5G network on international business?
  • Is lack of intellectual capital the cause of stunted industrial growth in developing countries?
  • What are the impacts of cybersecurity on the growth of international trade?
  • Impacts of the development of Foreign Direct Investments policy on the international growth business.
  • What are the impacts of climate change on the Global Economy?
  • What are the factors behind the continued fluctuation of the
  • energy price levels, and how does it affect economic growth?
  • How do the rising unemployment levels affect international business?
  • What are the impacts of strategic management on organizational performance?
  • What are the impacts of corruption on international trade?
  • What are the impacts of emerging markets on international trade?
  • The impacts of global financial crises on the economy.
  • How do the policies enacted by various governments affect international business?

International Business Research Paper Topics

International business papers or essay contain the subjects a researcher is interested in exploring and investigating. Research topics in international business create room for innovations to meet the desired production standards, hence the growth of businesses. The various examples of international business research paper topics include;

  • Effective management is the pillar for success in multinational corporation.
  • The culture of employees in multinational firm influences their performance.
  • What are the challenges faced by international businesses as a result of the rise in terrorism?
  • Why would a business prefer to trade in a franchise model?
  • The theory of international business is changing with increasing technology.
  • What are the effects of globalization on a business entity?
  • What are the impacts of the coronavirus strains in the business world?
  • How has the growth in the ICT sector led to the growth of the international business?
  • How does strategic planning and management enable a business to thrive across the borders of a country?
  • How does the advancement in social network platforms essential to business growth internationally?
  • Business research papers should focus on entry strategies for foreign corporations.
  • Research papers on international business is essential for all senior students.
  • How does the emergence of new markets impact the global economy?
  • How is cultural understanding essential in international trade?
  • What are the significant setbacks businesses encounter in establishing the international customers' tastes and behavior?
  • How have the developments in the transport sector impacted the growth of international trade?
  • How has the development of e-commerce promoted global marketing?
  • What factors may make a company succeed in the local market and fail to make an impact internationally?
  • What are the impacts of the introduction of artificial intelligence on the human workforce?
  • What are the economic implications of nuclear energy to the European Union economy?

Current Topics in International Business

In international business, companies promote their products across the boundaries of the countries in which they are established. A current topic in the international business refer to the latest developments across the international business sector. Currently, the international arena is facing new developments, which includes;

  • The impacts of coronavirus to the business establishments worldwide.
  • The development of the telecommunication industries. 
  • The economic power of the emerging markets.
  • An in-depth business studies content is vital for crafting a good research paper topic.
  • Technological advancements like the introduction of 5G networks to enhance communication.
  • The emergence of new economic blocs has enhanced competition.
  • Cause influenced marketing targeting the ever-changing needs and culture.
  • Advancements in the transport networks to enhance the movement of goods and services.
  • The strategies are aimed at controlling climate change.
  • Establishment of mergers to control large market pool.
  • Business branding to match the customers' tastes.
  • Venturing in franchises globally.
  • Introduction of circular economic models.
  • Corruption bedeviling the international business sector.
  • Impact of lockdowns on the business entities.
  • Big box stores are an emerging form of warehousing for corporations.
  • Development of new technologies that are used in the education sector.

International Business Research Topics

International business research topics are the business issues researchers have a keen interest in getting information. They involve the trends in the international industry that may be ailing the businesses. We have talented professors ready to write your paper, essay, and paper, in the way you need it. Some of the sample topics include;

  • How foreign exchange policy and industry forces affect international business.
  • Brand awareness helps multinational corporations to capture new markets.
  • What are the internationalization strategies?
  • What are the factors influencing the choice of foreign direct investments?
  • What are the strategies employed by companies like general motors that are making them successful in their trade?
  • Employees crisis in the international business sector is a challenge to domestic policies.
  • What are the roles of nations in enhancing international trade?
  • What are the common mistakes start-up businesses do that lead to their downfall?
  • How are the innovations like the introduction of robots essential in the business world?
  • How is climate change impacting the global economy negatively?
  • What are the measures taken by different governments to curb the rampant menace in the current market?
  • Why is cultural globalization essential in international business?
  • What are the positive impacts realized by the development of cybersecurity in international business?
  • What are the effects of social media on global marketing?
  • What are the impacts of email and newsletter marketing on international business?
  • What is the importance of language and culture in the business world?
  • What is the risk encountered by businesses engaging in international trade and the mitigation measures?

International Business Topics for Presentation

A good international business topic for presentation should focus on current trends and areas of interest to most stakeholders. Issues involving the exchange of goods and services across national borders and post-coronavirus economic recovery are some areas of interest. The topics are mainly related to the issues affecting the business operations. They include;

  • How globalization affects international companies and business activity.
  • The current changing patterns of international productions.
  • The fundamental licensing issues for the international businesses.
  • The political factors that are influencing international businesses.
  • A research paper about competition and copycat amongst multinational corporations.
  • The tourism industry highly depends on the growing digital technology to serve diverse stakeholders.
  • The impact of the internet in enhancing globalization.
  • Multinational companies should have a serious discussion about sustainability.
  • Corporate managers are responsible for the implementation of sustainability plans.
  • Bankruptcy is highly associated with unethical corporate strategies.
  • The impact of technology in advancing international business activities.
  • Why a business would prefer Foreign Direct Investment to other forms of business engagements available.
  • The current trends in the international business world.
  • The management function in multinational trade is complex and broad
  • The risk mitigation factors to businesses operating internationally.
  • What are the impacts of international trade on the economies of various countries?
  • What are the impacts of inflation on businesses operating in the international environment?
  • What are the factors leading to the balance of payment deficits?
  • What is the significance of the international business field?
  • The significance of monetary policy governing the multinational companies.
  • The effects of corruption in the international business decision-making.

International Business Law Topics

International business laws are the regulations governing multinational companies between countries. They are regulations and conventions that govern international commercial transactions. Our writing process is designed to meet the needs of all law students, including case study, management, business administration, business ethics, planning, and business strategy. The international business law topics are as follows;

  • What are Arbitration Laws with regards to international business?
  • What are the Banking regulations controlling international businesses?
  • International taxation laws.
  • International trade laws.
  • Roles of the law of contracts in international business transactions.
  • Challenges businesses encounter to acquire the commercial lease.
  • What are the essential roles of business law in the interpretation of liabilities arising from contractual engagements?
  • What are the components of commercial lease laws and their importance to the business?
  • How are contract termination agreements important concerning business law? 
  • What is the importance of foreign investment policies to a business entity?
  • What is the importance of security laws to a business?
  • What are the rules regarding environmental conservation?
  • What are the types of agreements business entities can engage in and their terms?
  • What are copyright and patent laws and their importance to a business entity?
  • What are the advertising laws and their importance to a business?

International Business Dissertation Topics

A good international business dissertation topic should be researchable, specific, trending, and relevant to the area of study. Varied cases, fields, and ideas are used to evaluate the opportunities and challenges in the international context. The various dissertation topics include;

  • How has the use of social media impact global business operations?
  • How have the technological advancements in the agricultural sector been significant, and what are the impacts on humankind?
  • How is the management of emissions and wastes from factories essential to the human socio-economic space?
  • What are the effectiveness and the efficiency of the current innovations in the business regarding consumer behaviors?
  • Market knowledge is essential for solving success.
  • What are the challenges facing the business management operations in the international business?
  • How does doing a business research paper helps a college student understand the actual work environment.
  • What are the impacts of privatization and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs?
  • What is the impact of corporate governance on business performance?
  • Students should study the latest issues in international trade.
  • What are the impacts of the development of information communication technology in the business environment?
  • What is the role of corporate social responsibility in ensuring customer loyalty?
  • What strategies do businesses currently employ to cater to the ever-changing consumer needs?  
  • What are the impacts brought about by the coronavirus pandemic on business?
  • What are the challenges faced mergers by mergers and acquisitions?
  • How have the cultural differences impacted innovation in the business?
  • What are the pros and cons of international joint ventures?
  • What are the implications associated with Brexit in the global economy?

International Business Management Research Topics

International business management research topics entail subjects on the management of ventures operation in more than one country. The research topic revolves around the policies targeted at enhancing the growth of local infant industries. Some of the research topics include;

  • What are the policies adopted by a business to survive the pressure and competition from international companies?
  • How to manage an environmentally friendly business venture?
  • What are the strategies a business can employ to grow to an international level despite the challenges involved?
  • How can a business develop an effective brand to compete in the international market?
  • What are the strategies that can in place to establish an effective human resource system?
  • How can a business adopt e-commerce policies to enhance marketing?
  • What measures can be taken to ensure a practical accounting and management system?
  • What are how the business can develop a corporate social responsibility to help build on customer loyalty?
  • How can a business diversify its operation base?
  • What are the innovative ideas a business can employ to enhance its growth?
  • What risk mitigation measures can the business employ?
  • What are the strategies the business can put in place to improve its supply chain?
  • How can the company effectively employ intellectual capital to boost production?
  • What expansion policies can a business employ to enhance smooth transition?
  • What are the flexible operation procedures can the business employs to be efficient?


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