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Overview of Religion

There are many religions in the world, and each one has its own set of beliefs. There's no shortage of topics for your next paper on religion! This article will explore different types or categories within this diverse field: from traditional Christian groups like Catholics to newer ones such as Mormon fundamentalists; Islam with Sharia Law still debated among Islamic scholars today--even Hinduism which was not even considered "religion" until 1946 when British colonial laws called it so because they wanted curb people practicing rituals without temples (or churches).

Best Religion Research Paper Topics - Free

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Some of the free religion research paper topics include;

  • Animalism and totemism in the modern world
  • Atheism in the modern world
  • Black churches
  • Children and religion
  • Christian theology
  • Classical psychologists and religion counsellors
  • Family unit and the Christian tradition
  • Female clergy and their influence on religion
  • Galileo and the church
  • Gender and religion
  • Gnostic faith and modern Christianity
  • Hinduism and the Indian modern life
  • Mormonism and Christianity
  • Phenomenon of theocratic states in the modern world
  • Polytheism and Judaism
  • Reason rally and secularists
  • Reformed theology
  • Religion and culture
  • Religion and economics
  • Religion and homosexuality
  • Religion and mental health
  • Religion and politics
  • Religion and science
  • Religion and social morality
  • Religion and Terrorism
  • Religion and the society
  • Role of women in Islam
  • Technology and religion
  • The future of Christianity
  • The puritan religion

Religion Topics for A Research Paper

Need a religion research paper? We can write it for you fast to ensure you get that Grade A, avoid the risk of plagiarism, and have time to enjoy other things. Our research paper helpers are experts in their fields so they know what will work for each subject. Other good religion topics for a research paper include;

  • Bhakti yoga as an aspect of the Hindu religion
  • Birth control and religion
  • Catholicity and the church history
  • Contrast between Christian belief and Hindus belief on life after death
  • Creationism and evolution
  • Creationism in the Shinto religion
  • Does Religious Pluralism Undermine Central Doctrines Of Christianity
  • Hinduism and reincarnation
  • History of the church of England
  • History of the episcopal church
  • How Christianity influenced the Downfall of Rome in the City of God by Saint Augustine
  • Impacts of Greek myths on the European culture
  • Influence of Christianity on the Restoration of the Byzantine Empire
  • Islam and democracy
  • Islamic fundamentalism
  • Religion and daily life
  • Religion and family life
  • Religion and leadership
  • Religion in modern Japan
  • Religious paths all lead to the same mountain top
  • Rise of Mormonism religion
  • Role of Islam in Syria
  • Role of Jihad in Islamic religion
  • Should believers drink alcohol
  • Spread of Buddhism in China
  • The garden of Islam
  • Theories of Marxism and Christianity
  • Why Christianity succeeded in the Roman empire
  • Why Rama is the most popularly worshipped deity in Hinduism
  • Women and Hinduism

World Religion Research Paper Topics

Our company is the best place to find religion paper topics! We have writers who are experts, so your Grade A work will not only be plagiarism-free but also guaranteed. To save time you can use any of these free world religions research topic ideas.

  • African American religion
  • Buddhism in India
  • Catholic Church and the Nazi Germany
  • Cause-effects of religion extremism
  • Causes of crisis of faith
  • Causes of suffering according to the Buddhist religion
  • Christian persecution 
  • Classical Muslims and Radical Muslims
  • Confucianism and religion
  • Creation of the Shinto religion in Japan
  • Creationism in Buddhism
  • Ethical beliefs in Hinduism
  • Ethical codes used in Judaism
  • Hinduism and Buddhism
  • History of Islam in China
  • History of Islamic religion
  • History of Judaism religion
  • Impacts of tourism on Buddhists and Hindus shrines in Asia
  • Islam and Christian religion
  • Islam and foreign policy in Saudi Arabia
  • Islam religious institution in New York
  • Marriage and the Church
  • Media and religion
  • Modernization and religion
  • Outreach in the early church
  • Philosophy, ethics and religion
  • Reasons for the emergence of new religions
  • Religion and government
  • Religion and sex
  • Religious cults
  • Religious tolerance and the society
  • Response to the acceptance of gay rights in the US
  • Rise of Christianity in Europe and Islam in Middle East
  • Rise of emotional religious movements in Christianity
  • Shamanism and religion
  • Sociology in religion
  • Sunni and Shiite Muslims
  • The pillars of the Islamic faith
  • The primal religions
  • Why Ramadan is regarded a holy month by the Muslims

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